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Supply Chain Management

Purchase Order Management

Are you often faced with purchase orders arriving late or incomplete? Are you spending a lot of time and resources on follow-up with your suppliers and purchase orders?

cargo-partner offers end-to-end solutions for handling all order-related tasks: from order placement to supplier and transport management, final delivery, reporting and evaluation of performance indicators.
Use the cargo-partner Purchase Order Management Service to reduce effort and costs while increasing delivery reliability!

Find out more about our end-to-end solutions below:

  • Tool Support & Automation

  • Supplier & System Integration

  • Vendor Management & Follow-up

  • Transport & Buyer’s Consolidation

  • Deviation & Escalation Management

  • Customs

  • Warehousing & Logistics

  • Reporting & Analytics

Tool Support & Automation

The supply chain management platform SPOT brings all involved parties together in one place and provides the basis for efficient purchase order management. The SPOT Purchase Order Management module provides an overview of your suppliers’ production progress and expected cargo readiness dates to help you optimize transport utilization and efficiently consolidate shipments. Workflow-based automation ensures that your purchase orders are processed smoothly and according to schedule. Get informed whenever complications arise by system-driven reminders and alerts that can be customized to your needs and procurement processes.

Supplier & System Integration

Integrate suppliers and other parties quickly and easily and grant them access to SPOT with just a few clicks. All parties can access real-time information via their preferred internet browser without the need to install external software.

In addition, we offer a range of standardized data exchange services, from traditional EDI to RESTful APIs, to fully integrate all processes and parties along your supply chain. If you prefer to set up an EDI connection using your own in-house expertise, we can provide all the information your developers need.

Vendor Management & Follow-up

cargo-partner takes over coordination and follow-up with suppliers and forwarders to make sure all your orders are produced, dispatched and delivered on-time and in-full – no matter whether the transport is organized by cargo-partner or not. SPOT ensures full transparency and provides real-time information to help you keep track of your orders.

Transport & Buyer’s Consolidation

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of worldwide transport services to ensure your orders arrive in time. Supported by SPOT, we manage all transport modes, simplify communication, reduce costs and provide end-to-end visibility in your supply chain. Our buyer’s consolidation service includes the coordination, planning and optimization of multiple purchase orders and vendors. The fully integrated supply chain management platform SPOT ensures planning security, efficient processes, uniform quality standards, and complete transparency from collection to final destination.

Deviation & Escalation Management

With the help of SPOT, cargo-partner proactively reveals discrepancies and problems and immediately notifies the person in charge. A clear overview of active issues enables easy troubleshooting and follow-up. Furthermore, cargo-partner suggests possible solutions and handles problems according to your needs and preferences.


Our customs experts around the globe ensure proper, prompt and cost-efficient customs clearance for your goods. We will gladly provide advice on any customs clearance issues: from the preparation of customs documents to drawback and complaint applications, customs and veterinary checks, pricing and filing.

Warehousing & Logistics

Make use of our network of warehouse and distribution facilities to store and retrieve goods as needed.

Reporting & Analytics

Conduct landed cost calculations, measure vendor and forwarder performance or evaluate lead and cycle times. Our Reporting & Analytics portfolio contains a wide range of tools to ensure that you get the data you need on any aspect of your supply chain, at any time and in any format.