Job Profiles

To give you a glance at some of the opportunities we have in store for you, here’s a brief overview describing a few of the most important career profiles at cargo-partner. If you feel you have something to contribute in an area that’s not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always open to your ideas.


Our operational Air, Sea, Road and Logistics departments constitute the vital foundation of our company-wide logistics processes. Our colleagues in the dynamic area of daily operations are in charge of organizing all practical aspects of transports and warehousing, such as requesting and creating quotations, choosing carriers, issuing transport documents, preparing customs documentation, and handling customer service and complaint management. They are in direct contact with our customers and suppliers and cooperate closely with other cargo-partner offices, agents and partners around the world to provide indispensable hands-on support in building and expanding our international customer and business relationships.


Our colleagues in the exciting area of Sales are in charge of maintaining and expanding existing customer relationships as well as finding, attracting and acquiring new customers. 

This includes conducting market research, defining target markets and customers, analyzing clients’ supply chain processes and identifying optimization potentials. High interpersonal and negotiation skills are required to secure the best deals for our customers and deliver the high service standards represented by our motto “we take it personally.” Finally, our Sales colleagues regularly assess their success rates to set improvement measures in cooperation with their superiors and the responsible Product Managers. Many of our top performing Sales colleagues were recruited from Operations, attesting to the success of our policy of internal promotion.

IT – Business Analyst / Project Manager

Our Business Analysts manage and coordinate a range of projects. Acting as the liaison between our IT teams and different specialist departments, they analyze and implement concepts for process and product specifications. This includes processing requirements from specialist departments, creating specifications for the relevant business processes and recommending various solutions in regard to business and technical demands. A Business Analyst also supports project development as well as the implementation and integration of new business applications and systems.

IT – Software Developer

A Software Developer’s responsibilities include the analysis, conception and development of company-wide web applications and mobile eBusiness solutions based on the current state of the art in technology. In addition, our Software Developers maintain, expand and optimize existing applications in order to ensure smooth group-wide operations. They work closely together with cargo-partner’s IT specialists as well as with experienced colleagues from the business-relevant areas. Continuous development of our teams is guaranteed as we use only the most advanced technologies, and our applications and programs are subject to regular quality assessments.

IT – Service Desk

Our Service Desk provides valuable support for our employees around the world with a variety of user applications and industry-specific tools. Additionally, the Service Desk handles technical workplace equipment as well as user-relevant terminal devices and corresponding user management. One important activity field consists of maintaining the global network infrastructure and managing telecommunication systems to enable smooth workflows throughout the whole group.

IT – Application Management

Our colleagues in Application Management represent our business intelligence competence center. They are in charge of creating reporting solutions for our whole group as well as deploying, operating and optimizing our company-wide application landscape. As experts in release management, they ensure the smooth implementation of changes and optimizations in our corporate IT structures.

IT – Technical Management

Our Technical Management team operates and manages our corporate data center landscape. As part of our worldwide IT organization, they handle our operational departments’ centralized computing environment, including remote desktop services, e-mail, security, networks and more. Our colleagues in this interesting field work on a range of projects for the continuous improvement of our service quality and performance.

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management team represents a vital liaison between our company and our clients. Our SCM team is in charge of analyzing the customer’s current processes along the value creation chain, pointing out ways to optimize all aspects, especially with regard to transparence and information flow, and implementing these improvements as needed.

A solution-oriented approach is crucial in this position which serves as the interface between our customers and our IT teams. In addition, working on a range of international projects allows our colleagues in SCM to quickly gain knowledge in various areas of our company.

Training & Quality Management

Our Training & Quality Management team is responsible for establishing, nourishing and improving the knowledge level within our group. Based on continuous feedback, implementation surveys and training needs assessments, our TQM team ensures an efficient workflow in the different areas of our company.


This area includes Accounting, Controlling and Bookkeeping. On the one hand, this means strategic financial planning and project financing, risk management as well as coordination and creation of the financial statement. At the same time, this department is the primary contact for banks, auditors and similar institutions in order to guarantee proper execution and continuous optimization of clearing, planning and reporting processes. In addition, our Finance teams provide specific data and key figures to support Product and Regional Managements’ decision making and target monitoring and serve as an advisory capacity to the management in the assessment of foreign currency risks.

Legal & Insurance

cargo-partner’s Legal and Insurance department handles debt collection and sensitive customer concerns and examines legal matters and requirements. The Legal and Insurance department’s responsibilities also include evaluating and re-negotiating new and existing contracts, supporting investment management under company law in Austria and abroad, and managing correspondence with attorneys, notaries and international subsidiaries.