Automotive & Industrial Spare Parts

We offer flexible solutions for just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) delivery, spare parts services, freight optimization, dangerous goods transports, various packaging options and dedicated automotive warehouses with a range of value added services. Our highly trained teams provide speed and 24/7 service for time-sensitive automotive shipments.

We support every aspect of your automotive supply chain, from inbound logistics and aftermarket parts distribution up to vehicle transport. VDA data integration ensures fast and efficient handling. We flexibly adapt our processes to your specific requirements as well as to the constantly changing conditions along the supply chain.

Our professional teams plan all processes well in advance, knowing that diligent preparation is vital to avoid delays and comply with the tightest of time-frames for pick-up and delivery. This includes the preparation of all necessary transport documents, pre-booking of volumes with airlines, pre-planning with trucking companies, and close contact with all involved suppliers and carriers to be able to react quickly to changes and fluctuations. Process quality is ensured by our internal operating procedures detailing all relevant handling instructions and time frames. Thanks to automated discrepancy reports, all parties get the information they need to find quick solutions.