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cargo-partner offers a comprehensive logistics service package to optimize your warehousing and distribution. 

We operate a dense network of warehouses throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and the USA. Uniform standards in all of our logistics centers around the world ensure high quality and reliability.

In our logistics centers, we offer specialized logistics solutions and warehousing facilities for a range of industries. We will be glad to provide detailed advice and consultation on individual processes or create a comprehensive logistics concept for all your storage, inventory management and order handling. Our experienced teams offer a wide variety of value added services, from the picking and packing of pallets, boxes and individual items to repacking, labeling, neutralizing, sorting and conducting quality checks.

For the storage of foodstuffs, perishables, pharmaceutical and medicinal products, we provide temperature-controlled warehouses and distribution centers in many locations. For high-tech and electronics products, our clients can benefit from low-dust, heated and video-monitored warehouses and comprehensive security concepts. With our industry-specific eCommerce and eFulfillment solutions, you can benefit from sophisticated IT solutions and optimized processes to achieve a fast and cost-effective goods turnover.

All cargo-partner logistics centers are constructed and managed according to the international norms ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14000 for environmental management. Thanks to our immediate vicinity to rail and other excellent transport connections, our logistics centers provide the ideal platform for your distribution. Our warehousing and outdoor areas are equipped with security alarms and camera surveillance for maximum safety. Separate storage and handling areas provide increased security and ensure fast processing. 

We make use of our strong in-house IT competence to connect with our clients' systems and streamline collaboration. Using EDI and API connections, we can automate a range of processes, from the transmission of transport orders and dispatch confirmations up to inventory management and customs clearance. With our state-of-the art online warehouse management system (WMS), our customers can manage their inventory and get detailed reports from anywhere in the world.


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