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Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Moving forward to sustainable logistics

We understand the impact that our industry has on the environment and climate change. With this in mind, we have made great efforts to invest in environment-friendly alternatives, setting emission targets to reduce our carbon footprint and helping our customers to track and reduce their environmental impacts.

Our path to change 

Our strict quality assurance procedures ensure that we aim to work with carriers who meet the highest standards in regard to environmentally friendly transport technology. In addition, we sponsor research initiatives for the design and implementation of new technologies such as fuel-efficient airplanes and electric trucks.

Our way forward

We’ve set impactful emission goals for ourselves according to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol criteria, preventing the world from global warming beyond 2°C. With the implementation of a corporate-wide sustainability data collection and analysis tool, we gain transparency in our data, easily manage workflows for data collection and validation, and ensure efficient reporting to senior management and external stakeholders.

2030 Emission Targets

We’ve set ambitious targets for ourselves to lower our carbon footprint significantly by 2030. Learn more about how we are taking proactive steps to lower our direct and indirect GHG emissions.