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Supply Chain Management

Visibility and Integration

Do you need a simple, yet secure connection for fast and easy data transmission with various business partners? Do you want to automate and standardize processes to reduce mistakes and minimize administrative effort?

cargo-partner offers a range of EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions to fully integrate all processes and parties along the supply chain.

In the context of globalization, Internet of Things, industry 4.0 and logistics 4.0, secure and efficient data transmission is becoming increasingly important. EDI connections are a safe, time- and cost-effective way to automate and standardize data transfer, reduce errors and enhance data quality. We provide flexible options for the integration of all processes and partners along the supply chain to simplify order management, electronic invoicing and warehouse management. Thanks to our team’s combined expertise in IT, logistics and supply chain management, you can rely on us for competent support and comprehensive solutions. The SPOT platform provides an easy overview, simple transport visualizations and full transparency throughout the entire supply chain.