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Main Ports: North Europe to US East Coast
Main Ports: North Europe to US West Coast

Source: Market average rates for 40‘ containers according to www.xeneta.com

Trade Analysis: Transatlantic Westbound



Ocean freight demand on the Transatlantic trade is still remarkably weak, and ocean carriers are considering cancelling certain loops rather than doing blank sailings. The overall situation remains unstable and demand is not expected to pick up enough to keep sailings 100% full.


There are currently no major obstacles on this trade lane. However, blank sailings and equipment shortages resulting from low volumes from Asia may impact the market in the near future.


Maersk and MSC (2M) are starting to restructure their ocean freight services to have full control over operations to North America. This will be completed by the end of 2024. More and more carriers are reacting to the current market situation, calling rate levels “unsustainable”. Transatlantic rates experienced a short-term increase of 9% in November, but they are still 40% lower than in 2019. U.S. wholesalers’ inventories are declining while retailers’ inventories are still on a high level. Hopefully, this is a sign that markets will soon turn back with positive demand.

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