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Ocean Freight Management


Do you ship 1,000 TEUs or more per year? Then you could save time and costs with our cargo-partner Ocean Freight Management Services (Open Book Solutions/Freight Management). We negotiate freight rates with carriers on your behalf and charge the freight as per outlay, plus the agreed-upon handling fee. You make your own contracts and we manage your freight including any services required at origin and destination.


Open Book Solution    
  • 1,000 – 5,000 TEUs
  • Procurement by cargo-partner
  • Named account
  • Capacity management by cargo-partner
  • Fixed management fee
  • Shared risk over/under performance
  • Extended validity 6 month and up
  • Possible extended free time Demurrage/Detention
  • Overflow at current marketing pricing
Freight Management    
  • Minimum 3,000 TEUs
  • Procurement by BCO (Beneficial Cargo Owner)
  • Capacity management fee
  • Fixed pricing and management fee
  • Risk over/under performance on BCO
  • Extended validity mostly 1 year
  • Possible extended free time Demurrage/Detention
  • Overflow either through premium fee with carrier or at cargo-partner NVOCC rate

Regardless of your choice, we provide full visibility of your containers with our Intelligent Container Tracking or even on order / item level with our Purchase Order Management.

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