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cargo-partner Wins HERMES Verkehrs.Logistik.Preis

At last night’s award ceremony organized by the Federal Sector Transport and Traffic of the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO), international transport and info-logistics provider cargo-partner was honored with the award in the category “Sustainability”.

The coveted award is presented yearly at the HERMES Verkehrs.Logistik.Gala in the Vienna Hofburg. It acknowledges outstanding commitment and great accomplishments by representatives of the Austrian transport and logistics industry in seven categories. cargo-partner submitted the construction of its iLogistics Center in Fischamend near Vienna Airport and was selected as the winner in the category “Sustainability”. The “HERMES Staff” was presented by Alexander Klacska, WKO Chairman of Transport and Communication, and Norbert Hofer, Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology. The decision by the specialist jury was based on the innovative nature and environmental benefits of the modern construction project. The members of the jury were equally convinced by the technical dimensions and challenges involved in the all-timber construction.

The new iLogistics Center will provide 24,500 pallet spaces in a 7,800 m2 high bay warehouse as well as 2,000 m2 of block storage in the incoming and outgoing goods area and a 1,800 m2 small parts store. The timber-based construction allows for a cost-efficient temperature range between 15°C and 26°C (+/- 2°C), a constant humidity of up to 70%, low operating costs and a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions, as only materials with a low carbon footprint have been selected for the construction. In total, the building is made up of 4,200 m3 of timber, which translates to an absorption of 4,200 t of CO2 from the atmosphere. This corresponds to the electricity demand of 620 households or the average CO2 emission of 887 people each driving their car for one year. The use of timber as the main construction material will also have a positive effect on the environment in approximately 70 to 100 years, when the building has reached the end of its service life and will have to be taken down. Contrary to conventional building materials, wood does not require costly disposal, but can eventually be used as an environment-friendly energy source.

In addition, the close cooperation with cargo-partner’s neighbor Makita is represented by a dedicated unloading zone which connects the two buildings. The premises are fully secured by alarm systems and monitored by cameras. The construction will cover 10,615 m2 on an available surface of 12,250 m2. Among numerous competent Austrian craft enterprises, available surface of 12,250 m2. Among numerous competent Austrian craft enterprises, exclusively Austrian companies were chosen as best bidders to carry out the construction work. Thus, the added economic value also remains within Austria. The ground-breaking of the iLogistics Center took place in June 2017, and the new warehouse is scheduled to take up operations in June 2018.

Christina Hainbuchner, Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing, expressed her delight that the diligently planned project has been honored with this award: “With the construction of the iLogistics Center, we are striking a new path in the logistics industry. As we are making significant investments into expanding our worldwide contract logistics capacities, the experiences gained from this project will also inform the design and equipment of other future warehouse facilities. For example, the first conclusions from this project have already been incorporated into the plans for the ongoing constructions of our new iLogistics Centers in Ljubljana and Sofia.”

Vienna, March 22, 2018