cargo-partner Joins Forces with Numerous Social Initiatives Around the World in 2020

Throughout the past year, the international transport and info-logistics provider has participated in a range of charities and social projects all across the globe, aiming to help those most strongly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The year 2020 has brought about unprecedented challenges for the global economy, with the ongoing pandemic, wide-spread lockdowns, travel restrictions and overwhelmed medical systems. In many cases, these factors have contributed to exacerbate the situation of people who were already living in difficult circumstances. As part of its comprehensive sustainability strategy, cargo-partner has built on its long-standing partnerships with charity organizations around the world to help those in need. 

COVID-19 aid for India with Jugend Eine Welt
With a population density of 1.4 billion citizens, India is among the countries most strongly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In order to keep the number of new infections as low as possible and to ensure the survival of thousands of families, the nonprofit organization Jugend Eine Welt started a series of relief measures in cooperation with their long-standing project partner, the Don Bosco Network India. cargo-partner has been working with Jugend Eine Welt for more than ten years. This year, the logistics provider decided to forego its traditional Christmas gifts for customers and instead use the funds to support this important initiative in India. The project has been able to reach over two million people with food packages, hygiene kits and counseling talks.

Gift boxes for retirement homes throughout Slovakia
For Christmas 2020, cargo-partner in Slovakia decided to help bring joy to senior citizens by supporting the project “How much love can you fit into a shoebox”. For the third year in a row, volunteers of the charity Koľko lásky organized the nationwide collection of Christmas gifts for seniors in retirement homes. In 2019, the organization collected over 22,000 shoeboxes filled with gifts. To support this project, cargo-partner provides space in the iLogistics Center Bratislava free of charge and contributes several boxes of gifts put together by cargo-partner employees. As of mid-December 2020, cargo-partner has already organized the palletization and storage of more than 3,050 boxes, which are currently being distributed to retirement homes and senior citizens who are living alone. 

Transport of school supplies to Kosovo 
Kosovo has to cope with high unemployment rates and poverty, and the pandemic has further increased already existing humanitarian needs. cargo-partner was happy to support H. Stepic CEE Charity with the transport of donations to over 270 schoolchildren aged six to fourteen from Austria to Prizren. The shipment included essential school supplies, school bags and tablets that will give children in need the chance to advance their education even in times of COVID-19 and homeschooling. The handover of the donation took place as part of a press conference where UNICEF announced its plan to support the project and cooperate on similar initiatives in the future.

Sustainable farming in Rwanda with Caritas 
Caritas Slovenia, in cooperation with Caritas Rwanda, organized the development project “More efficient use of resources for sustainable survival in Karongi District, Rwanda” from 2018 to 2020. The initiative was co-financed by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and cargo-partner in Slovenia also supported the good cause. The project involves 600 families in need who are mainly living from agriculture. The aim of the charity is to educate people living in the Karongi District and provide them with the necessary equipment for sustainable farming methods and other economic activities with a long-term income. cargo-partner in Slovenia supported the transport of five machines for producing sustainable compressed earth bricks from Slovenia to the Rwandan towns Mutun and Gashari. 

Minibus for children of the Klokánek Project with A-B Help 
The Czech association A-B help s.r.o. brings together non-profit organizations and socially responsible companies to purchase minibuses that enable children, seniors and people with disabilities to get to school, hospital or on a trip. Up until today, 27 minibuses have been purchased for a good cause. cargo-partner in the Czech Republic has been working with A-B Help since 2019. This year, the company supported the purchase of a minibus for the Klokánek project. Klokánek is an initiative of Fond Ohrožených dětí (endangered children’s fund). The aim of the charity is to offer children temporary family care instead of institutional care until they can return to their families or are permanently adopted or fostered. 

Toy donation for children in Nitra, Slovakia
For Children's Day, cargo-partner organized a toy donation for a daycare center and kindergarten for Roma and Sinti children at the Orechov Dvor settlement in Nitra, Slovakia. In 2019, the logistics provider had organized a “Family Day” event for employees and their families at the company headquarters near Vienna Airport. At the toy trading zone, visitors had the opportunity to donate toys to a good cause. Alternately, children could trade their less used toys for others available at the booth. The project proved to be successful and cargo-partner decided to donate the collected toys to the daycare center and kindergarten for Roma and Sinti children in Nitra, Slovakia. cargo-partner has been supporting the daycare center in cooperation with Jugend Eine Welt since 2014.

Essential goods for families in Bosnia and Herzegovina
In summer 2020, the cargo-partner branch in Bosnia and Herzegovina donated and delivered 70 humanitarian aid packages consisting of food, toiletries and essential goods. The boxes, marked with the words “We believe in your smile”, went to the organizations “Obraduj nekoga”, “” and “Srce za Djecu”. Obraduj nekoga was founded in 2017 and focuses on helping socially endangered families and supporting mothers to be., founded in 2012, aims to help marginalized groups in the country, from orphans and single parents up to elderly citizens and immigrants. Srce za Djecu was founded in 2003 and focuses exclusively on helping children with cancer and their families.

Corporate responsibility across cultural borders
Stefan Krauter, CEO of cargo-partner, states: “We believe that as an international company, we have a responsibility to help create a better future. For cargo-partner, social responsibility means the obligation to create sustainable improvements beyond national and cultural borders. We are glad that we can do our small part to support these important initiatives and help those in need during this challenging time.”

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