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Supply Chain Management

Design and Optimization

Do you feel like your supply processes could be more efficient, but you can’t quite pinpoint the issues? Would you like to get an independent expert’s point of view to identify the real problems? Do you need a strong partner to help you push for the necessary disruptive changes in your corporate structure?

cargo-partner provides solid experience in supply chain management and applied IT solutions, combined with diverse industry knowledge. We locate optimization potential in all aspects of your supply chain and act as the catalyst to take your processes to the next level of efficiency.

As integrated partners, we gain a deep understanding of your processes and always think one step ahead. We provide in-depth consultation in all your business processes from global trade compliance, legal issues and customs clearance to the optimization of routes, warehouse locations and goods flows. By streamlining your supply chain, we can reduce cycle times, improve cash flow and achieve higher delivery reliability.

Our supply chain consulting services include:

  • As-is process analysis
  • Derivation of problems and challenges
  • Financial impact and potential improvements
  • Target process definition
  • Process optimization via the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform
  • Project management and support during trial and implementation
  • Training and supplier management strategies
  • Optimization of the entire supply and transport chain, from sourcing and production to warehousing and distribution