CEO Stefan Krauter gives weekly logistics insights in the daily newspaper “Die Presse”

CEO and Chairman of cargo-partner, Stefan Krauter, comments on the current developments and impacts of COVID-19 on the transport industry in “Die Presse”, one of Austria’s leading daily newspapers.

EN: Austrian Airlines and the Vienna Airport (PDF, English)
DT: Flughafen Wien und die AUA: Es geht nicht nur um 20.000 Arbeitsplätze (Online "Die Presse", German)

EN: News from the global transport market (PDF, English)
DT: Aktuelles vom globalen Transportmarkt (Online "Die Presse", German)

EN: Changes in the transport market due to COVID-19 (PDF, English)
DT: Veränderungen am Transportmarkt durch COVID-19 (Online "Die Presse", German)

EN: Industry 4.0 and the “information logistics specialist (PDF, English)
DT: Industrie 4.0 und der „Informations-Logistiker (Online "Die Presse", German)

EN: Modern storage logistics in the era of COVID-19 (PDF, English)
DT: Moderne Lagerlogistik in Zeiten von Covid-19 (Online "Die Presse", German)

EN: Good, old sea freight (PDF, English)
DT: Auswirkungen von Covid-19 auf „die gute alte Seefracht (Online "Die Presse", German)

EN: The “Iron Silk Road” – a third option! (PDF, English)
DT: Logistik: „Iron Silk Road“ – der dritte Weg von China nach Europa (Online "Die Presse", German)

EN: The new air freight market with China (PDF, English)
DT: Der neue Luftfrachtmarkt mit China (Online "Die Presse", German)

EN: Shock wave in supply chains from Greater China to Europe (PDF, English)
DT: Schockwelle in der Supply-Chain von China nach Europa (Online "Die Presse", German)