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Toy Donation for Children in Nitra, Slovakia

cargo-partner recently organized a toy donation for a daycare center and kindergarten for Roma and Sinti children in Nitra, Slovakia.

Last year, we organized an event for employees and their families at our headquarters for the second time. At the toy trading zone, visitors had the opportunity to donate toys to a good cause. Alternately, children could trade their less used toys for others available at our booth.

The project proved to be successful and we decided to donate the collected toys to a daycare center and a kindergarten for Roma and Sinti children in Nitra, Slovakia. The presents were handed over to the happy and excited kids on Children's Day in June. 

cargo-partner has been supporting the daycare center in cooperation with the non-profit organization Jugend Eine Welt since 2014. The early education programs provided at the facility help children overcome the language barrier between their Roma mother tongue and the Slovak language and benefit from an easier entry into the public school system. In addition, the counseling services for mothers have helped to improve family lives.