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Minibus for Children of the Klokánek Project

cargo-partner supported the Czech association A-B Help in the purchase of a minibus for the Klokánek project, organized by Fond Ohrožených dětí (endangered children’s fund).

A-B help s.r.o. has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2006. The association brings together non-profit organizations and socially responsible companies to purchase minibuses that enable children, seniors and people with disabilities to get to school, hospital or on a trip. Up until today, 27 minibuses have been purchased for a good cause. 

cargo-partner in the Czech Republic has been working with the organization A-B Help since 2019. This year, we decided to support the purchase of a minibus for the Klokánek project. Klokánek is an initiative of Fond Ohrožených dětí (endangered children’s fund). The aim of the charity is to offer children temporary family care instead of institutional care until they can return to their families or are permanently adopted or fostered.

Jiří Jelínek, Managing Director of cargo-partner in the Czech Republic, states: „We decided to support A-B Help because we believe that as an international company, we have a responsibility to help create a better future. This includes investing in environment-friendly technologies and supporting children in less fortunate circumstances. We are happy that we can do our small part to help those in need, and we hope that more companies will join in this initiative.“