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E-Commerce: Case Study from Bratislava

A customer from the fashion and lifestyle industry successfully switched their business to e-commerce overnight, with the help of our Parcel and Warehousing solutions in Bratislava.

E-commerce has been rapidly growing for years, and COVID-19 has further accelerated this trend. At the onset of the pandemic, one of our customers was forced to switch their business to e-commerce overnight. Due to safety regulations imposed by the government, the Slovakian sports clothing retailer had to close all retail locations on short notice. 

Quick transfer to the iLogistics Center Bratislava
Although the company already had an established e-commerce presence, their core business was still based on their retail outlets. Under the circumstances, they quickly decided to make a full transition to online selling. 

All store items were transferred to the cargo-partner warehouse in Bratislava. To ensure efficient order handling, we deployed our integrated parcel solution, using the Parcel Module of the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform. 

The clothing retailer now benefits from a fully automated process for their online orders and parcel shipments. Orders are directly forwarded to cargo-partner’s warehouse management system, while SPOT Parcel ensures automated label printing, fast order processing and frequent tracking updates. 

Automated data exchange saves over 300 hours per month
Recently, our customer approached us due to changes in their internal processes. As a result, they needed to manually enter additional shipment information when dispatching orders for their carriers. 

We quickly reacted to our client’s need and extended the EDI integration to include the required information. The automated data transmission reduced administrative efforts by 10 minutes per shipment – which translates to 346 hours of manual work per month.

The iLogistics Center Bratislava is an ideal logistics hub, located directly in the city, close to the Czech, Austrian and Hungarian borders. The HACCP-certified warehouse is suitable for storage of dry food in retail packaging. With 8,200 m² of storage space and a temperature range of 10-27 °C, we offer long and short term storage, bonded customs warehousing and a wide range of value added services. 

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