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Charter of Boeing 747 to Düsseldorf

Our colleagues in Germany organized two charter flights from Zhengzhou to Düsseldorf for time-critical healthcare and automotive shipments.

Our cargo-partner team in Düsseldorf recently organized two Boeing 747 charter flights from China. Due to high demand from the Düsseldorf area, we rerouted our weekly charters directly from Zhengzhou to Düsseldorf Airport. The landing of the Boeing B747-400 – a rare sight at this airport – caused quite a sensation, and numerous plane spotters crowded around the airfield to take pictures. 

The need for the charters arose as several customers requested transport services for time-critical shipments: from FFP2 masks and scrubs for a hospital up to automotive parts that were urgently needed to prevent production stop. Beside the immediate Düsseldorf area, the charters also contained goods destined for Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

Due to the urgency of the consignments, our colleagues in China and in Germany had to act fast. As the goods were not palletized, thousands of boxes had to be loaded manually, and the staff on site worked in shifts until late into the night. For the most time-critical shipments, we even arranged for sprinter delivery from the airport to the customer's premises within only hours of the landing. 

Lutz Honerla, Managing Director of Düsseldorf Airport: “At the end of January and in February, two Boeing B747-400 arrived from China, each carrying around 90 tons of cargo on board. We were happy to welcome these ‘unusual guests’ in Düsseldorf on behalf of cargo-partner. We are delighted about the smooth cooperation and would be glad to handle further similar projects together.”

Once again, our cargo-partner teams went the extra mile to secure our customers’ supply chains. Contact us to find out more about our weekly charter services!

Photo credit: Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH