Precise Scheduling Enables Optimized Warehousing and Distribution

Reliable Transport Solutions for Modern Luminaires

“Our relationship with cargo-partner is based on absolute trust. Thanks to the precise coordination with cargo-partner, we can ensure efficient warehouse operations and timely delivery to our customers.”

Ádám Zalka, Purchasing Manager, Rábalux


Company Profile

Rábalux is a lighting company headquartered in Győr, Hungary, which specializes in assembling and selling luminaires, conventional and energy-saving light sources. The company has been present in several European countries since 2002 and serves approximately 700 Do-It-Yourself stores and lighting retailers across Europe.


Initial Situation

Rábalux’s annually renewed portfolio encompasses 1,700 items, 98% of which stem from imports out of the Far East. To optimize its warehousing and distribution, Rábalux was looking for a logistics provider who could provide accurate information at every point of the transport chain.



The cooperation between Rábalux and cargo-partner began in 2013. cargo-partner currently handles approximately half of Rabalux’s annual container volumes from China. The international info-logistics provider coordinates all steps of the transport process, from pick-up of the containers at different locations in Asia up to final delivery at the Rábalux warehouse in Győr.

Using the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform, cargo-partner continuously informs Rábalux about the status of all shipments, including departure and expected arrival times to and from the relevant ports. On the basis of this information, Rábalux prepares a schedule outlining when which containers should be transported to the central Rábalux warehouse in Győr. cargo-partner handles the arriving shipments and delivers them to the container terminal in Budapest according to the schedule defined by Rábalux. Thanks to the enhanced transparency provided by SPOT, cargo-partner can set the right priorities and save time and costs on processes such as customs clearance and shipment consolidation.



CompanyRábalux Zrt.
IndustryManufacturing / Lamps & Luminaires
SolutionsSea Cargo / Road Transport / Value Added Services / Supply Chain Management / eFulfillment

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