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Corporate Social Responsibility

cargo-partner follows a comprehensive CSR strategy based on the three pillars ecological, economical and social sustainability. Our management regards future-oriented thinking for coming generations as an essential aspect of any business activity. For cargo-partner, social responsibility means the obligation to create sustainable improvements beyond national and cultural borders.

Our strict quality assurance procedures ensure that we only work with carriers who meet the highest standards in regard to environmentally friendly transport technology. In addition, we sponsor research initiatives for the design and implementation of new technologies such as fuel-efficient airplanes and electric trucks. Our focus on sustainability is evidenced in the sponsoring and support of numerous social and environmental projects around the world.

In 2008, cargo-partner founded the association "Environmental cargo-partners" with the aim of supporting and accelerating the transition towards environmentally friendly transport and logistics technologies.

Photovoltaic system at our headquarters

The photovoltaic system at our headquarters near Vienna Airport consists of 1,400 PV panels spread over the roofing area of 4,000 square meters and delivering an energy source of 350 kWp.

Jugend Eine Welt daycare center in Nitra, Slovakia

At the daycare center in Nitra, Slovakia, the Don Bosco Sisters care for children aged 1 to 3 along with their mothers. With the support of cargo-partner and the aid organization Jugend Eine Welt, this project gives children and their families in the local Roma and Sinti community the chance for a better education and new perspectives for the future.

Blended Wing Body Project

cargo-partner’s CEO Stefan Krauter sponsored an aviation project group for the construction of a manned blended wing body (BWB) aircraft with a total of 500,000 € over the course of 5 years. This airplane's unique geometry reduces aerodynamic drag, increasing fuel efficiency by an estimated 25%.

Jugend Eine Welt school project in Qartaba, Lebanon

cargo-partner is supporting the expansion of an elementary school run by the Don Bosco Sisters in Qartaba, a small village near the Syrian border in Lebanon. In addition to children from Lebanon, the school is attended by more than 100 children of Syrian refugees. Thanks to the expansion, in fall 2017, the school will provide enough space for at least 250 Syrian refugee children and 325 children in total.

Upcycling of used truck tarpaulins

In cooperation with tag.werk, a youth employment program by international charity organization Caritas in Graz, Austria, we give our old tarps the chance to start a new life. In addition to recycling tarpaulins that are no longer needed, this project provides employment for young people in a simple and unbureaucratic way. After the used tarpaulins are washed, cut and sewn, they are ready to begin their new lives as fashionable shoulder bags and toiletry bags.

Bread oven building workshop in Bhutan

cargo-partner provided all logistics services for a sustainable oven building project organized by the Bhutan Network Association in cooperation with Austrian oven builder Christof Bader. Christof Bader travelled to Bhutan to show local students how to build fully functional bread ovens from locally available materials. This important initiative strengthens sustainable regional development and craftsmanship.

Jugend eine Welt hospital in Damascus, Syria

The Don Bosco Sisters have been running the “Italian Hospital” in the Syrian capital of Damascus for over 100 years. Since 2011, the hospital’s focus has been on providing treatment for Syrians wounded in the war. cargo-partner has donated over 30,000 € to the hospital, which have been used to perform emergency surgeries, purchase medication and provide basic financial support to hospital employees.

Humanitarian aid transport to Kasama, Sambia

cargo-partner sponsored a humanitarian aid transport to an orphan daycare center in Kasama, Sambia. The establishment is run by the Sisters of the Child Jesus and includes the provision of food, clothing, medicine and education.