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“…two wings, two large engines, 100 tons payload and 10,000 km reach.”

  • Interviews

We invited former Lufthansa Cargo CCO Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech to talk to us about the most recent developments in airfreight and take a look into the future.

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Family Business with a Spirit for Innovation: 35 Years of cargo-partner

  • Insights

The cargo-partner group celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. From an airfreight specialist with a small team at Vienna Airport to an international all-round info-logistics provider.

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Keeping It Cool: From Unripe Bananas to a Laboratory in a Container

  • Services

Before sea freight was ready for the cool chain market, seven years of research on the high seas were necessary. Find out how a young researcher revolutionized cool chain logistics.

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Simply Stunning: 1,000 Hippos, 1.5 Olympic Pools and 9 Burj Khalifas

  • Insights

cargo-partner is strongly investing into the expansion of its worldwide logistics capacities and opened its new all-timber warehouse in June.

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Of Autonomous Ships, Driverless Trains and Self-Switching Railcars

  • Facts

Autonomous systems save time, costs and personnel – and are not strictly limited to the road.

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