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Rail LCL: China to Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Do you have regular shipments between China and Poland, Slovakia or the Czech Republic? Then you can save time and costs with our Trans-Siberian rail transport service across the Silk Road! 

Rail transport is a fast, cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to air and sea freight. If you are looking for an alternative connection to Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, you can benefit from our rail transport solutions:

  • Regular departures from Shanghai, Shenzhen and Ningbo to Małaszewicze, Poland
  • Door-to-door solution with a fast distribution network and full customs service
  • Departures once a week with a transit time of 14-16 days (terminal to terminal)
  • Strong network in China and own deconsolidation warehouses in Brwinów near Warsaw, Wysogotowo near Poznań and Dunajska Streda near Bratislava
  • Regular pickups between terminals in Poland and our warehouses in Prague and Brno
  • Smart tracking via GPS devices installed in consolidation containers
  • We also offer FCL service between China and Poland

We will design a comprehensive solution for you, including pick-up and delivery from and to anywhere in China, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

Our Rail Transport team looks forward to your inquiries!

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