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Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Industry

We operate dedicated competence centers offering specialized transport and info-logistics services to support a variety of markets and industries.

Take your business to the next level with our tailor-made supply chain solutions for Automotive & Industrial Spare Parts, High Tech & Electronics, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Foodstuffs & Perishables, Retail, Fashion & Lifestyle.

Automotive & Industrial Spare Parts

We support every aspect of your automotive supply chain. We offer flexible JIT and JIS solutions, various packaging options and dedicated automotive warehouses with a range of value added services.

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High Tech & Electronics

We create customer-focused high tech solutions for a range of industries. Our specialized teams ensure the secure delivery and installation of sensitive and valuable machinery and equipment.

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Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Our pharma competence centers guarantee strict quality control. We provide unbroken cold chain service for the transport and storage of pharmaceutical products between -70°C and +30°C.

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Foodstuffs & Perishables

Our specialized teams throughout the world optimize your foodstuffs logistics. We offer transport and warehousing services for all goods between -18°C and +25°C, including various active and passive packaging solutions.

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Retail, Fashion & Lifestyle

We take your measurements and tailor the best logistics concept for you. Benefit from the most cost-efficient sourcing options and stay on top of the latest trends with our personalized fashion and lifestyle logistics services.

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