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Pallets – the humble heroes of the transport industry

We all know them, even if we hardly give them a second glance. But what does the digital future have in store for pallets? Find out more about modern pallets that are equipped with trackers…

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The new super(sonic) jets

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Supersonic flights are coming back en vogue! The goal is to make these planes even faster, more environmentally friendly, and without the notorious “big boom”.

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Antonov-124: An air-freighter in the truest sense of the word

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Used primarily for chartered cargo flights, the "Ruslan" enjoys tremendous success in the world of civil heavy load transports. Join us in taking a look at this imposing technical wonder.

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Amazon versus Alibaba

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It didn’t take a pandemic for e-commerce revenues to set new world records year after year. Find out how the online giants are splitting the global online shopping business between them.

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Supporting Numerous Social Initiatives Around the World

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Take a look at the important initiatives cargo-partner has supported lately to help those in need.

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“We are preparing intensively for the distribution of coronavirus vaccines”

  • 采访

We talked to Lufthansa Cargo CCO Dorothea von Boxberg about lockdowns, kerosene generated from electricity and their plans regarding the distribution of coronavirus vaccines.

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