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Rail/Sea: Connecting West China to ASEAN and Europe

Our new Rail-Sea transport solution connects the hinterland of China with ASEAN and Europe and provides a cost- and time-efficient alternative to road and barge transport.

The new service provides full coverage of western China by making use of the rail transport hub in Chongqing. Cargo can be transported by rail via Chongqing from the west of the country to seaports in the Beibu Gulf in the south of China, such as the port of Qinzhou. From the Beibu Gulf, shipments are forwarded by sea to other ports worldwide. 

Daily railway service from Chongqing to Qinzhou (Beibu Gulf) with transit times of 36 hours ensures reliable supply chain planning. Furthermore, this solution is highly cost-effective compared to combined road and sea transport, while being significantly faster than combined barge and sea transport. 

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