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Turkey: New Healthcare Service Desk

New Healthcare Service Desk

The world is faced with great challenges fighting the coronavirus and is in great need of a wide range of protective equipment. The landscape of sourcing and production of PPE and healthcare products is undergoing changes. Turkey with its up-and-coming economy and its favorable location at the juncture between Asia, Europe and Africa has a key role in this transformation.

cargo-partner in Turkey is therefore happy to announce the rollout of a new Healthcare Service Desk primarily focused on PPE and healthcare transports. We are available 24/7 to create the most flexible solutions for your extremely urgent transports.

Our colleagues are available via email at emergency.tr(at)cargo-partner.com or at the following hotlines: +90 541 842 0146 (Mr. Tuna Gursoy), +90 549 8420 030 (Mr. Resit Can Yelken) 24 hours a day and look forward to your inquiries.