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Mobile Homes for Earthquake Victims in Croatia

cargo-partner teams from throughout the region have joined forces to provide temporary housing for families whose homes have been destroyed by the earthquake on December 29.

To help those most strongly affected by the recent earthquake in Croatia, cargo-partner has decided to donate twelve refurbished containers to be used as mobile housing for families who have lost their homes. As of this week, four of the twelve containers have been delivered.

The containers are equipped with basic furniture and facilities and delivered in cooperation with local organizations and authorities. Each container houses four people, so that the initiative can provide shelter for at least twelve families.

Zoran Starcevic, Managing Director of cargo-partner in Croatia: “Despite the cold and the snow, many of the people who have lost their homes are currently sleeping outside or in their cars. We are doing everything we can to provide help where it is needed as quickly as possible.”

In addition to the cargo-partner team in Croatia, who is donating five containers, the cargo-partner organizations in Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina have also joined the cause. The remaining eight containers are scheduled to be delivered by the end of next week. The housing will be provided free of charge for the next 18 months.