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Faster Parcel Delivery Thanks to Automated Data Exchange

Thanks to automated data exchange between our warehouse management system and SPOT Parcel, our customers benefit from faster order handling, easy tracking and a consolidated overview of all shipments.

To optimize parcel distribution from our warehouses, we have set up a direct connection between selected warehouse locations and the Parcel module of the supply chain management platform SPOT. The new solution enables automated label printing and dispatch from the warehouse as well as streamlined data transfer between CEP providers and cargo-partner warehouse locations. 

The process automation avoids errors caused by manual data entry and significantly speeds up order handling times. Our customers further benefit from easy tracking and a simple overview of all their shipments on one platform.

So far, this integration has been implemented at our iLogistics Centers in Austria, Slovakia and the USA. Based on the remarkable productivity gains we have achieved as well as the positive customer feedback, we plan to introduce this solution at several other warehouse locations, including Poland and Germany, in the near future.