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Shall we play a game?

  • Facts

Gamification these days is much more than a trend. To harness people’s play instinct, some of the mechanisms used in games are being repurposed. How will it change the future of our work?

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Innovation in food logistics

  • Insights

Container farms, robot chefs and ready-made meals from a 3D printer. You think that sounds like pie in the sky? A whole range of ideas has sprung up like mushrooms over the past few years.

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Holi festival: India's colorful and boisterous celebration

  • Facts

It´s the most colorful and boisterous festival on the continent. We took a closer look at Holi and seized the opportunity to learn more about the Indian traffic and transport sector.

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Solve the riddle of our Mystery Shipment and win a cruise on a container ship!

  • Success Stories

We are gearing up for the transport logistic fair in Munich with an unusual contest. Can you guess our “Mystery Shipment” and win the prize?

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“In our industry, downtimes are extremely critical”

  • Interviews

We spoke with Harald Wegerer of ENGEL, a leading machine manufacturer, about the future of spare parts logistics, networking platforms, 3D printing and plastics recycling.

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