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Work out our “Mystery Shipment” Puzzle

Solve the riddle and win a cruise!

cargo-partner will once again be at transport logistic in Munich this year. In addition to an interactive, digital booth made of real wood, cargo-partner is gearing up for the trade fair with an unusual sweepstakes – and the prize will be equally unique. Can you guess what is in this “Mystery Shipment” and win the prize?

transport logistic is the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management. Market leaders and industry experts meet in Munich every two years to show their service portfolios and to use this wide-ranging conference program as an opportunity to exchange information about the latest innovations in the world of logistics. This year 60,000 visitors from 123 countries are expected to visit the exhibition center’s nine halls.

cargo-partner will be among the more than 2,000 exhibitors and will staff its own booth at the trade fair, which takes place from June 4 to 7, 2019. The focus this year will be on contract logistics, rail transport on the Silk Road, and digitalization. A new booth design will emphasize these thematic highlights. The look of cargo-partner’s booth is inspired by the award-winning timber construction design of its iLogistics Center, located at cargo-partner’s headquarters next to the Vienna international airport. In order to capture not only the “look” but also the “feel” of the building it’s based on, the booth’s façade will be covered with real wood that will be creatively upcycled after the trade fair is over. The focus on digitalization is emphasized by the large interactive displays that visitors can use to learn more about the info-logistics provider’s worldwide presence and service offerings. Visitors can also try their hand at the mini-game “Container Crush” and maybe even set a new record score.

In the lead up to the trade fair, cargo-partner has put together a unique sweepstakes around the concept of a “Mystery Shipment.” A shipment with indeterminate contents is on its way to the transport logistic trade fair in Munich. Anyone can follow the shipment via updates and clues posted on Facebook, LinkedIn and directly on the cargo-partner website at win.cargo-partner.com. You will need your most skillful power of deduction to figure out what goods the shipment contains. A little tip: the transport timeline vividly illustrates the diverse routes goods take as they move across the world.

The mysterious pallet will be opened on June 6 at transport logistic and become a premium giveaway for a few select lucky winners among visitors. Can you guess what is being shipped across the world? You could be the lucky winner of a trip on a container ship.

Have a guess and try your luck!


We look forward to seeing you at transport logistic in Munich:

June 4–7, 2019 | Hall A5 | Booth 406