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Intermodal Rail Solutions from/to Various Countries in Asia

Exciting news from our Rail Transport team! We now offer intermodal rail transport solutions connecting Europe not only to China, but also to various Asian countries, such as Thailand and Taiwan. 

Our rail transport team has many years of experience with FCL and LCL shipments along the Iron Silk Road and now offers seamless connections to and from several Asian countries, whether in combination with cross-border trucking or sea freight.

Combined road and rail solution: Thailand – China – Slovakia 
In February 2024, our team managed an intermodal FCL shipment from Thailand to Slovakia. The shipment was picked up from Thailand by truck, then transported by rail from Chongqing (China) to Małaszewicze (Poland) and delivered by road to the final destination in Slovakia, with a total door-to-door transit time of 32 days. 

Optimal route planning: Thailand – China – Poland 
In November 2023, we carried out another successful intermodal transport. The cargo started its journey in Thailand and passed through Laos and Vietnam before reaching China. The LCL shipment then continued by rail from Chongqing to Małaszewicze. The transit time from door to terminal was only 30 days. 

Regular intermodal LCL service: Taiwan – China – Hungary
Another popular solution is our regular sea freight LCL service from Taiwan to Shanghai, followed by consolidated rail transport from Shanghai to Budapest. Several customers in the electronics and manufacturing industries already benefit from this streamlined intermodal solution.

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