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Supporting a new route to the South Pole

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Our cargo-partner experts in Austria recently organized the transport of equipment for an expedition to the South Pole. The special thing about it: The international ski expedition used a completely new, previously undeveloped route to the South Pole. Find out more about the Austrian-Australian team, “Peace of the Heart” and 100 kilograms of field luggage – per person, of course!

The expedition started at the end of November 2022 on the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf south of the Weddell Sea. While many of us were preparing to enjoy the Christmas holidays and receiving gifts from the “North Pole”, the team started in the opposite direction. The adventurers on the other side of the world braved the extreme cold to map out a whole new route for many future South Pole explorers.

The team, consisting of Alexandra Guryeva, Stefan Prucker and Jens Neumann from Austria and their Australian guide Eric Philips, covered around 880 kilometers by sled and on foot in 50 days – and that without any support: the four explorers managed this challenging route without pre-established depots or additional provisions. No less remarkable: the initial weight of each “human-powered” sled was about 100 kilograms.

880 kilometers in 50 days

On January 11, 2023, the team finally reached the South Pole after 50 days of trekking through the Antarctic wilderness. Deeply impressed by the surroundings and the fascinating experiences of this adventure, they decided to name this new route “Peace of the Heart”. The official name may be “Filchner Ice Shelf Support Force Glacier-South Pole” for geographical reasons, but regardless of the choice of name, one thing remains certain: if a group of motivated people come together, prepare well and value teamwork, they will reach any distant target. Even if that point is the southernmost place on the planet...

It was a special honor for cargo-partner to support this expedition with the transport of the equipment for their exciting mission. The cargo-partner company flag, which was present at the South Pole, now hangs in the lobby at the company headquarters. It is a silent reminder for the ambitious goals that are open to anyone with the necessary “passion for excellence”.

Find out more about the expedition on https://www.instagram.com/antarcticpeace/

cargo-partner at the southern end of the world

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