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cargo-partner Provides Air and Road Solution for Valuable Goods by Upcoming Chinese Luxury Brand Shang Xia

The growing Chinese economy is expanding its global presence also in the field of luxury goods and the international transport and info-logistic provider cargo-partner is part of it.

Chinese Luxury goods manufacurer Shang Xia uses its airfreight, road transport and customs clearance services between Nepal, China and Vietnam.

The Chinese luxury brand Shang Xia was established jointly by designer Jiang Qiong Er and the French Hermès Group in 2008. Focusing on Chinese quality craftsmanship, the company merges contemporary design with Chinese culture to present, according to its brand statement, “an exquisitely simple and sophisticated vision of modern life.” Shang Xia’s products, 90% of which are produced by selected artisans in China, include furniture, teaware, refined decorative pieces, apparel, and jewelry.

In cooperation with Hermès, Shang Xia has engaged a selected number of local workshops in China who use traditional techniques to create a variety of handcrafted goods. Due to the intricate manufacturing processes, Shang Xia’s one-of-a-kind products can often take months to produce, and there are long waiting lists of clients in China as well as abroad. Shang Xia currently runs three stores in China as well as a boutique on Rue de Sèvres in Paris. Ten years after its foundation, the brand has recently been gaining increasing attention in Europe and the USA.

In 2016, Shang Xia was looking for a logistics provider who could support the company in launching its international growth and development on a larger scale. Due to the high quality of Shang Xia’s carefully crafted products, safety in transportation was the most important requirement. In addition, the luxury producer required an associate who could provide close personal service and consultation along the supply chain.

cargo-partner was recommended to Shang Xia by a Nepalese supplier for its expertise in airfreight. The cooperation between Shang Xia and cargo-partner began in 2016 and encompasses air and road transport as well as customs clearance services. cargo-partner manages the import of raw materials, such as high-quality fabrics, from Kathmandu, Nepal as well as import and export shipments of the finished products, including furniture, teapot sets and jewelry, to and from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For shipments from Nepal, cargo-partner also provides import customs clearance in China and trucking services in the Shanghai area. For shipments to and from Vietnam, cargo-partner handles customs clearance on both ends along with delivery to Shang Xia’s warehouse facilities.

In 2017, cargo-partner managed a total of 24 shipments for the luxury brand producer, adding up to a total tonnage of 1,222 kg. Thanks to cargo-partner’s long-standing expertise with valuable and vulnerable goods, the logistics provider can offer specialized services to ensure the reliable transport of Shang Xia’s unique products. Mandy Wang, Senior Logistics Specialist at Shang Xia, on the cooperation with cargo-partner: “Safety is our most important concern when it comes to transporting our carefully crafted products. We are satisfied to have found a logistics partner who treats our business with top priority and ensures full security in our transports to and from China.”

Vienna, May 24, 2018