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cargo-partner: Process Optimization by Means of Digitalization

cargo-partner takes further steps to become a leading information service provider for its customers. With a comprehensive digitalization strategy, the company creates the basis for a group-wide continuous improvement process.

International transport and info-logistics provider cargo-partner realized early on that digitalization would become a significant factor of success in the international logistics industry. The company’s digitalization strategy aims to integrate all partners and processes along the supply chain, increase transparency and data quality and lay the foundation for efficient collaboration. By achieving significant integration with its customers, the company continues to optimize the flow of goods and information.

The supply chain management platform SPOT, developed by SPOTworx, constitutes the basis of cargo-partner’s company-wide digitalization strategy. The platform was first introduced in 2000 as a simple tracking tool. In the following years, it was continuously evolved in close cooperation with customers and in fall 2016, a newly developed version of the platform was launched. This new version allows for the precise evaluation of internal process quality according to defined KPIs as well as a substantial increase of efficiency, data accuracy and productivity for both cargo-partner and its clients. cargo-partner managed the transition to the new SPOT system by relying on close cooperation between product and process management, sales, training and their own strong in-house IT department. After a detailed planning phase of more than one year as well as a pilot phase of six months in European road transport, the new SPOT platform was implemented for worldwide air and sea freight transports as well.

Increased Transparency, Reduced Administrative Effort

Every cargo-partner employee has a personalized dashboard on the SPOT platform which helps them set priorities in their daily work and makes it easy to detect and resolve discrepancies. The worldwide performance is measured centrally and published on a monthly basis so that all employees can have a clear understanding of the current status and the next objectives. Customers also have an individual dashboard which gives them a simple overview of their transports at all times.

The new SPOT platform also provides targeted data queries and detailed analyses of goods movements, order volumes, costs and performance statistics to ensure that customers are provided with the right information along the supply chain. At the same time, this single point of information allows for a significant reduction of effort for internal and external communication and helps to avoid errors and misunderstandings.

Improved Data Quality and Productivity

The accuracy of data inputs in regard to time and content was determined as the central internal criterion for evaluating service quality in the area of information services. This calculation is based on standardized minimum benchmarks for values such as expected time of departure, cargo readiness or upload of proof of delivery. In addition, productivity was measured on the basis of completed orders per employee.

The integration of the supply chain management platform SPOT enabled cargo-partner to achieve a consistently high service quality in information service worldwide. Thanks to the enhanced transparency and the extended reporting options, the information quality was raised form 25% to 90% within the first six months and is expected to reach 97% by the middle of 2018. In addition, productivity was increased by 20%. By making use of precise monitoring, close interdisciplinary cooperation within the company as well as active exchange with customers and partners, cargo-partner wants to ensure the continuous improvement of all company-wide processes.

Building up and maintaining the necessary IT structures and competences within the company has required a considerable commitment, as is reflected in the allocation of resources by cargo-partner’s management. “We integrate ourselves in the supply chain of our clients to create value at every step and achieve a sustainable improvement of process quality. This is only possible with excellent software and data quality. Our management spends approximately half of its time and resources on issues related to digitalization,” states Christina Hainbuchner, Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing.

The SPOT platform currently has 20,000 users worldwide.

Vienna, May 3, 2018