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We strive to become the world’s best information logistics provider by following our passion for innovation. We manifest our vision by acting as a deeply integrated partner in our clients’ supply chains to add value and permanently enhance process quality along the entire line


We provide end-to-end supply chain solutions, customs clearance, contract logistics, distribution and information services.

We add value to our customers’ supply chain by performing as a strategic forwarding partner who creates customer-specific supply chain solutions using cost optimization models and the well thought-through digitized processes via our strong carrier relationships.

We live up to our core value “we take it personally”, which includes creating success according to the mottos “passion for excellence” and “better than others“ as well as a strong social and environmental responsibility, in which we contribute to a better future for us all.

Our customers and service partners feel the difference in working with us, and our colleagues are proud to be members of the cargo-partner-family.


Digital Mission

Our digital solutions enable us to deliver cost-efficient general cargo and industry-specific services and can be deeply integrated and customized on demand. They are easy to use, easy to learn and easy to connect with.

SPOT, our visibility and collaboration platform, serves all our customers’ needs in connection with our logistics services and also conveniently supports their relations with their own suppliers and customers.

While the SPOT platform is the basis of our own transport services, more and more customers prefer to work directly on SPOT or have it linked to their own systems.

SPOTworx, our group’s neutral IT company, enables these customers to use SPOT and further supply chain management tools for their cooperation with other logistics providers as well.



We operate a seamless worldwide network of own offices in Europe, Asia, Australia and Northern America plus closely cooperating agents in the other parts of the world.

We are best-in-class in solving our customers’ logistics challenges. We are supplying them with general overseas and overland logistics, special industry solutions according to client specific demand (eSOPs and CIP) at the highest service level.

Our systems and organization as digital forwarder and digital platform enable us to produce the full scope of air, ocean, road, rail, contract logistics, parcel and e-commerce services at a very good ratio of high service level and low production costs. We are a champion in fast and competent client integration.

By 2025, cargo-partner will have grown to be a EUR 2bn turnover company (2019 price level) and a top 20 global air & ocean logistics service provider. Our EBIT will exceed 3.5 % of the turnover (inflation rate is below 3.5 %).



Our corporate philosophy is rooted in human values, performance orientation and active partnership.


we take it personally

Our motto “we take it personally” stands for our commitment to creating success for our company, our employees and our clients by living strong values, winning with team spirit and going the extra mile for our business partners.


passion for excellence

“passion for excellence” represents our determination to deliver the best service with our highly qualified and motivated employees, state-of-the-art IT systems as well as constantly improving processes, competences and industry know-how.


better than others

“better than others” is what our clients say about us. We work hard to earn this privilege, be a trusted and integrated part of our clients’ supply chains and exceed their expectations by remaining one step ahead of our competitors.