Full-Range Logistics Service Package for Italian Specialty Foods

Air, Sea and Road Transports with Comprehensive Value Added Services

“Since the majority of our clients are overseas, we need a logistics partner who can offer competent advice with processing shipments across continents. cargo-partner provides the international expertise we need to ensure the fast and reliable transport of our gourmet products.”

Giuseppe Neri, Export Manager, LID

Company Profile

LID (Luxury Italian Dream), headquartered in Rome, Italy, specializes in the selection and export of Italian gourmet foods and wines to the Chinese market. Drawing on the experience and synergy of two generations, the company offers a range of hand-picked products including cheese, wine, pasta, oil, sauces, sweets and more.

Initial Situation

LID was looking for a logistics provider who could support the company’s expansion to the Chinese market. cargo-partner was recommended to LID as an experienced and professional provider of food and beverage logistics. In particular, LID required in-depth consultation on food and beverage export to China, since the processing of foodstuffs shipments in Asia differs strongly from procedures in Europe.


The cooperation between LID and cargo-partner began in July 2015, when LID requested cargo-partner’s support for opening up a new trade channel. cargo-partner provided a comprehensive solution covering the entire supply chain: Starting with the transport from Italy to Shanghai by air and sea freight, the service package includes pre-checking, customs clearance and value added services such as labeling, picking and packing, and inventory management. Finally, cargo-partner also provides domestic trucking from Shanghai to Shandong province. Yearly transport volumes handled by cargo-partner for LID amount to approximately 10 TEU and include products such as wine, biscuits, chocolate, pasta, olives, olive oil, cheese, tomato sauce, and infant food.


CompanyLID S.r.l.
IndustryFoodstuffs & Perishables
SolutionsAir Cargo / Sea Cargo / Road Transport / Contract Logistics / Value Added Services