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Reliable Transport Solutions for Modern Luminaires

cargo-partner has been managing sea freight transports from China to Hungary for luminaire wholesaler and manufacturer Rábalux for over three years. The efficient cooperation is based on reliable information and precise coordination of deliveries.

Rábalux is a lighting company headquartered in Győr, Hungary, which specializes in assembling and selling luminaires, conventional and energy-saving light sources. The company has been present in several European countries since 2002 and serves approximately 700 Do-It-Yourself stores and lighting retailers across Europe from its central warehouse with 10,000 pallet spaces in Győr. Rábalux’s annually renewed portfolio encompasses 1,700 items, 98% of which stem from imports out of the Far East.

The cooperation between Rábalux and cargo-partner began in 2013. cargo-partner currently handles approximately half of Rabalux’s annual container volumes from China. The international info-logistics provider coordinates all steps of the transport process, from pick-up of the containers at different locations in Asia up to final delivery at the Rábalux warehouse in Győr.

Using the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform, cargo-partner continuously informs Rábalux about the status of all shipments, including departure and expected arrival times to and from the relevant ports. On the basis of this information, Rábalux prepares a schedule request one week before the ships arrive at the port. This schedule outlines which container should be delivered on which day to the central Rábalux warehouse in Győr. cargo-partner handles the arriving shipments and ships them to the container terminal in Budapest according to the schedule defined by Rábalux.

Attila Becze, Managing Director of cargo-partner in Hungary: “Any freight forwarder can get a container from point A to point B. What today’s customers are looking for is a logistics partner who can create added value along the supply chain. The SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform creates transparency for all supply chain partners and simplifies communication, order and transport planning. This allows us to set the right priorities and save time and costs on processes such as order creation, customs clearance and shipment consolidation.”

Ádám Zalka, Purchasing Manager of Rábalux: “Our relationship with cargo-partner is based on absolute trust. From the beginning of our cooperation, it was important for us to receive accurate information from our logistics provider. We know that we can fully rely on the data from cargo-partner, and we do not need to create safety stocks in our systems for potential delivery failures. Thanks to the precise coordination with cargo-partner, we can ensure efficient warehouse operations and timely delivery to our customers.”

More information: http://www.rabalux.com

Vienna, November 6, 2017

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