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cargo-partner Optimizes Supply Chain for Sophisticated Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems

German automotive supplier Albonair specializes in exhaust aftertreatment systems and has been relying on transport solutions by cargo-partner for several years.

A key factor for the successful cooperation was cargo-partner’s ability to provide flexible supply chain management and personal consultation from a single source.

Albonair is a company based in Dortmund, Germany, whose mission it is to make the air cleaner. The company specializes in developing and producing urea dosage systems for on- and off-road commercial vehicles. Since worldwide emission norms for diesel engines are becoming more and more stringent, the demand for cost-efficient exhaust aftertreatment solutions continues to increase. As one of the most modern providers on the market, Albonair relies on innovative technology, developed and produced in-house. The automotive sector – arguably more so than any other industry – represents the demand for efficient methods of dealing with complex supply chains within the framework of globalized production processes. To meet the requirements of this challenging business environment, Albonair was seeking not just a simple forwarder but a reliable and versatile logistics provider with the right experience and know-how. An additional benefit lies in the fact that all required services are managed and coordinated centrally by the cargo-partner staff team.

More specifically, Albonair was looking for an expert who could provide flexible solutions in sea, air and road transport, including customs clearance services. Another important requirement was the capacity to handle communication, shipment tracking and documentation from a single source. Convinced by the comprehensive, process-optimized service package that was elaborated in close cooperation between Albonair and cargo-partner, Michael Franke, responsible for Logistics Projects at Albonair, states: “No matter whether it’s optimal transport solutions or comprehensive supply chain management – Albonair can focus on its strengths and core competencies while cargo-partner handles the most important logistics services to our full satisfaction.”

Thanks to cargo-partner’s long-standing cooperation with airlines and ocean carriers, the logistics provider can reliably secure cargo space for Albonair’s weekly air and sea freight transports. This includes LCL services between Albonair’s headquarters and its locations in Taicang, China or Chennai, India. Whenever necessary, cargo-partner also organizes same-day EMERGENCY shipments via airfreight between the locations. Most recently, the transports handled by cargo-partner for Albonair reached a total of approx. 100 t, with a clear upward trend. In addition to transport services, the door-to-door solution provided by cargo-partner includes warehousing, consolidation of shipments and import customs clearance. The SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform ensures transparency along the entire transport chain and streamlines communication and document management for both companies.

Vienna, April 5, 2018