Opening Celebration of iLogistics Center near Vienna Airport

On Wednesday, we celebrated the official opening of our sustainable timber iLogistics Center at our headquarters near Vienna Airport with 250 invited guests.

The evening started with a brief introduction by cargo-partner CEO Stefan Krauter. After this, Martin Schenzel, Managing Director of cargo-partner in Austria, invited the iLogistics Center project team to the stage to honor them for the successful construction. The following gala dinner was accompanied by an impressive “Aerial Silk” acrobatic show as well as live music, combining culinary art and performance in a striking way. The traditional ribbon cutting was replaced by a log sawing, performed by cargo-partner CEO Mr. Krauter and Gerhard Schödinger, representative of the Provincial Parliament of Lower Austria.

Stefan Krauter, CEO of cargo-partner, explained his motivations behind this investment: “The transport and logistics industry never stands still. In times of globalization and digitalization, we constantly have to keep transforming and adapting to stay ahead of the curve. The Vienna Airport region has always been an important hub for us and with our iLogistics Center, we have successfully created a showcase project of ecologically and economically sustainable architecture.”