Continued Support for Roma and Sinti Daycare Center in Slovakia

As part of its comprehensive CSR strategy, cargo-partner regularly supports a range of social and environmental projects around the world.

In Nitra, Slovakia, the company has been funding a daycare center for Roma and Sinti children in cooperation with the non-profit organization Jugend Eine Welt since 2014. According to the latest reports by Jugend Eine Welt, the center has achieved visible improvements for children and families in the community. Thanks to the early education programs provided at the center, children overcome the language barrier between their Roma mother tongue and the Slovak language and benefit from an easier entry into the public school system. In addition, the counseling services for mothers have helped to improve family lives. Following these positive results, cargo-partner has recently reaffirmed its support for the initiative and will be funding the project for two more years, until August 2021.