Comprehensive Logistics Service for Innovative Packaging Materials by PREMIUMPACK

PREMIUMPACK is an innovative Austrian manufacturer of packaging materials who produces shrink bags for various foodstuffs. The company's products are sold worldwide and contribute to conserving the taste, appearance and shelf life of fresh foods.

To manage the transport of its products to customers around the world, PREMIUMPACK was looking for a reliable logistics provider who could offer an optimal solution for any order, no matter the transport volume or destination.

The partnership between PREMIUMPACK and cargo-partner began in 2013 and has grown to encompass shipment volumes of 1,500 t per year, with a continuing upward trend. The intensive cooperation includes regular worldwide air, sea and road transports. PREMIUMPACK’s customers often have special requirements in regard to transport conditions, particularly concerning temperature, humidity and transport routes. To offer the best possible solutions for the consignees of PREMIUMPACK’s goods, cargo-partner now offers tailor-made services utilizing temperature-controlled reefer containers. Michel Szczepanski, CEO of PREMIUMPACK, sums up the collaboration: “cargo-partner has been supporting us with quality logistics solutions for our transports to all regions of the world for several years. We especially appreciate the personal consultation which helps us master even difficult situations together.”