cargo-partner Supports Elementary School in China

Our colleagues in China have launched a very special social initiative to support a school in a secluded mountain region.

Dazhai Primary School is located in the northeast of Jinping County, 64 kilometers away from the county town. There are 14 classes in the school with 590 students, including 502 students staying in the school because their families live too far away. Currently, the school is crowded with 502 students in 288 beds. Students' desks and chairs are old, and the school has no funds to supply any new or additional furniture.

After visiting the school, our cargo-partner Team in Shanghai decided to help. cargo-partner will provide desks and chairs, beds and bedding as well as various books to the school. In addition, cargo-partner supports the local government in building up a charity supermarket for the people living in the mountain area.

Finally, as a special treat, our colleagues decided to take the children to the Zotter Chocolate Theatre in Shanghai. Many of the children have never been to a big city or even tried chocolate before, so it was certainly a big adventure. We are very glad about this opportunity to make a small difference in these children’s lives and create memories that will last forever.