cargo-partner Automates Processes with EDI Connections

As part of cargo-partner’s comprehensive digitalization strategy, the logistics provider makes use of its strong in-house IT competence to connect with its clients’ systems, automate processes and streamline collaboration with electronic data interchange.

Automating data exchange processes is an effective way of streamlining communication and promoting smooth operations along the supply chain. To achieve this, cargo-partner relies on EDI (electronic data interchange) and API (Application Programming Interface) connections. EDI and API connections can be set up for a range of purposes: transport and purchase orders, shipment updates and invoice settlement, customs clearance, parcel shipments and warehouse logistics. An already high and steadily growing number of cargo-partner’s clients make use of automated data exchange solutions to save time, reduce administrative effort and minimize costs.

Simplified collaboration in the warehouse
The Austrian injection molding machine manufacturer ENGEL has been using cargo-partner’s iLogistics Center near Vienna Airport since the warehouse was opened in summer 2018. In addition to a tailor-made warehouse design and closely aligned processes, 20 EDI interfaces have been set up between cargo-partner’s warehouse management system (WMS) and ENGEL’s enterprise resource planning system (ERP). These data connections cover a range of processes, from the transmission of transport orders and dispatch confirmations up to warehouse inventory management and customs clearance documentation. Thanks to optimized process design, the transmission of 27,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) from the three previous locations to the cargo-partner iLogistics Center was completed within four months without a single incident.

Automated order transmission and parcel tracking
For Nuki Home Solutions, an innovative Austrian producer of smart door lock systems, cargo-partner has set up an EDI connection that fully automates the order and delivery process. Orders are transmitted directly from Nuki’s webshop to cargo-partner’s warehouse management system. As soon as a parcel is ready for shipment, an automatic response is sent back to Nuki. From there, all tracking information is forwarded to the end client so that they can follow their parcel’s route. More recently, cargo-partner has also introduced a new API solution for parcel shipments which enables customers to place parcel orders, print shipment and return labels and receive tracking information for all leading parcel service providers.

Fast customs processing
Power tool manufacturer Makita is another customer who makes use of cargo-partner’s iLogistics Center near Vienna Airport, benefiting from its direct proximity to the company’s own Austrian head office. To enable fast processing of customs declarations, cargo-partner has set up an EDI connection that automatically transfers Makita’s customs data to the official Austrian customs system. After final approval by a customs clearance specialist, the data is forwarded to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance. This way, Makita benefits from faster release by the Austrian tax authority and reliable archiving of customs documents.

Streamlined invoice handling
An international engine manufacturer has made use of cargo-partner’s EDI competence to automate its internal invoice approval process. cargo-partner’s e-invoice EDI sends all transport invoices for air and seafreight transports directly to the customer’s system. The data is automatically compared to the original quote, and if there is a positive match, the invoice is approved and transferred to the customer’s accounting department. Since cargo-partner creates around 250 invoices per month for this customer, the EDI allows the client to save significant amounts of time on manual invoice checking.

Immediate forwarding of tracking milestones
One of the leading European DIY retailers benefits from an EDI solution that helps the company keep track of thousands of shipments from Asia to Europe every year. With the EDI set up by cargo-partner’s IT team, all updates are forwarded to the company as soon as they have been created in cargo-partner’s own systems or received via direct EDI connections with carriers. This way, the customer is always up to date on important information such as estimated and actual time of departure and arrival at ports, helping the company to react quickly in arranging the next transport steps.

Christian Polanyi, Chief Information Officer at cargo-partner, explains: “With cargo-partner’s EDI and API services, we provide sophisticated integration packages to cover our customers’ automation needs. Our IT teams are constantly working on expanding and optimizing our range of solutions, and more and more clients are connecting their systems with ours to automate data exchange.” In addition to speeding up business processes, these automated data exchange solutions reduce handling costs, minimize the risk of errors and improve overall customer satisfaction thanks to higher process quality and fast feedback. Christian Polanyi emphasizes: “Our integration services are just one aspect of our tailor-made end-to-end solutions. With our comprehensive range of IT innovations, we support our clients in streamlining their logistics processes throughout the entire supply chain.”

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