cargo-partner Continues to Expand Warehouse Capacities in Slovakia with Direct Intermodal Connection

cargo-partner has expanded its warehouse space in Dunajska Streda with a 4,100 m² annex building to over 18,300 m². The direct connection to the METRANS terminal provides cross-dock possibilities for intermodal transports.

Due to rising customer demand, cargo-partner has decided to undertake a further expansion of its logistics center in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia. The previous expansion of 2017, which had doubled the existing capacities to 14,200 m², was now followed by an additional 4,100 m², bringing the total space up to 18,300 m² with 24,000 pallet slots. cargo-partner is the only logistics provider in Slovakia operating an own warehouse with a direct connection to the METRANS container terminal, right next to its spacious ground level container handling area. Containers arriving via intermodal transport from the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Koper and Trieste can be moved by reach stacker directly to the cargo-partner cross-dock station with its nine dedicated container docks. This replaces trucking on the last mile, which results in time savings of one to two days and eliminates transport costs and customs duties. In addition to the nine container loading ramps, the old part of the building provided twelve additional loading docks. The most recent expansion has added ten more, so that the logistics facility now has 31 different loading platforms. With the logistics center in Dunajska Streda, cargo-partner places an explicit focus on the customer segments automotive, industrial spare parts and high-tech machinery.

The new warehouse hall is maintained at an energy- and cost-efficient temperature range between 15°C and 25°C and is ideal for handling project cargo shipments of oversized goods. This is another area where the direct access to the neighboring intermodal terminal is an advantage, since special transports by truck can be subject to certain limitations and resulting logistical challenges. In the scope of the expansion, the office and administrative space was also increased by 500 m² and staff will grow from 40 to 60 employees. cargo-partner currently operates two modern logistics centers in Slovakia: In addition to the warehouse in Dunajska Streda, there is an additional logistics facility in  Bratislava with a capacity of 14,000 pallet slots on a total area of 8,200 m².

cargo-partner CEO and owner Stefan Krauter is delighted that the expansion was completed in a smooth and timely manner: “At the moment we are strongly investing into the development of our worldwide warehouse capacities. With this second warehouse expansion in Dunajska Streda, we are furthermore strengthening our commitment to this ideal location in direct proximity to the METRANS container terminal. In addition, we want to make use of this hub to further develop our industry solutions for the automotive sector.”

Peter Kiss, CEO of METRANS, emphasizes the advantageous location of the cargo-partner warehouse: “The cooperation between our companies in Dunajska Streda is a unique example showing how effective a combined solution can be. The direct connection of a terminal and a warehouse replaces last-mile trucking. This brings a lot of advantages.”

Other recent logistics investments by cargo-partner include the award-winning iLogistics Center in timber construction near the company headquarters in Fischamend, Austria, with a total area of over 12,200 m², the iLogistics Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a storage space of 16,500 m² (both took up operations in June 2018), new warehouses in Hamburg (4,900 m², opened in 2017), Clarksville, TN and Chicago, IL (14,000 m² each, opened in 2017),  as well as a warehouse with over 3,000  m² of storage space in Hong Kong which was opened in winter 2018. The construction of the new iLogistics Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia is going according to plan as well and the local team celebrated the topping-out in November. This new warehouse will provide 20,000 pallet slots on over 25,000 m² and is scheduled to open in summer 2019. Each of these projects forms part of cargo-partner’s strategic investments into the expansion of its global logistics capacities.

Vienna, January 31, 2019

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