Door-to-Door Supply Chain Management with Direct Webshop Connection

Smart Logistics for Smart Locks

“cargo-partner provides the flexibility and efficient structures we need to react quickly to our customers’ demands. This is exactly what we expect from our partners: solutions that make life easier.”

Martin Pansy, CEO, Nuki


Company Profile

Nuki Home Solutions, a start-up company from Graz, Austria, has developed an intelligent door lock system which makes physical keys a thing of the past: Users can open and lock their doors automatically upon approaching or via their smartphone or smartwatch.


Initial Situation

Nuki Home Solutions was founded in 2014 and has been relying on cargo-partner’s logistics solutions for transporting its products since the beginning of 2016. The main requirements included a high degree of flexibility on the one hand, and a structured approach for processing volume business on the other hand.



International transport and logistics provider cargo-partner organizes the entire supply chain for the transport of Nuki’s smart door lock systems. After collecting the goods from Switzerland, cargo-partner handles import customs declaration and order picking in Austria. The items are packaged for the end clients in the cargo-partner warehouse and distributed via parcel service in the German-speaking region as well as globally. The order and delivery process is fully automated thanks to a continuous EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connection. Orders are transmitted directly from Nuki’s webshop to cargo-partner’s warehouse management system. As soon as the parcels are prepared, an automatic response is sent back to Nuki. From there, all tracking information is forwarded to the end client so they can follow their parcel’s route.



CompanyNuki Home Solutions GmbH
IndustryHigh Tech & Electronics
SolutionsRoad Transport / eFulfillment / Value Added Services / Supply Chain Management

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