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The Global Opportunity

Is your company independent, distinguished, financially sound, and successfully competing against the multinationals in our industry?

Do your customers appreciate your reliability, honesty, flexibility and personal commitment?

cargo-partner is among the world’s most renowned family-owned and -managed logistics providers. Partnership with us means gaining wide coverage throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S. while retaining your autonomy and your own brand identity. Many partners and customers tell us their primary reason for choosing us is “because it is so easy to work with cargo-partner”.

We combine structured processes and systems with a highly personal approach, as reflected in our company motto:

"we take it personally"


Partnership Benefits

Why work with cargo-partner rather than one of the countless networks? Olvass többet

Procurement Support

cargo-partner’s product management opens doors for you to multiple carrier deals and to competitive rates coupled with reliable space agreements... Olvass többet

Application Form

Are you among the independent leaders of your local market? If so, we are interested in you. Olvass többet

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