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Purchase Order Management

Sourcing from different suppliers across the globe has increased the complexity in procurement processes. Managing order cycle times, increasing delivery reliability and reducing the administrative workload in the procurement process needs to become a collaborative process between customers and suppliers, simplified by an online platform.

Our Purchase Order Management application OMS Plus addresses critical issues in supply chain operations:

  • managing suppliers
  • optimizing the transport planning and execution process
  • increasing delivery reliability

OMS Plus provides full transparency from point of order to final delivery. It reduces the communicative effort by distributing status updates near real time to all involved parties. Automation and system-driven processes reduce administrative workload and enable management by exception.

Challenges in the Procurement Process

Many companies face one or more of the following challenges in their procurement process:

  • A lack of overview and transparency complicates efficient planning and on-time deliveries
  • High communicative and administrative effort
    • Staff involved in the procurement process spend a lot of time on administrative routines
    • Manually created purchase orders are prone to errors and may contain incomplete information. To correct mistakes, time-consuming phone conversations between customers, suppliers and shippers are necessary, resulting in a loss of time and money
  • A lack of overview, transparency and reliable information can lead to emergency transports by air instead of sea
  • High safety stocks are necessary due to long and uncertain delivery times


Benefits of Purchase Order Management

Reduced emergency transports

  • Early information about appearing disruptions or problems
  • Real-time information for improved planning and predictability

Optimized transport processes

  • Sea cargo instead of air cargo
  • Maximum container utilization supported by an integrated IT system

Reduced administrative effort

  • Management by exception – intervention only in case of deviations from standard processes
  • All information and documents related to a purchase order on one platform

Efficient communication

  • Single point of truth: all information on a single platform
  • Automated or manually created messages and notifications to the right person

Focus on delivery reliability

  • Early identification of discrepancies enables timely intervention
  • Proactive “pushing” of suppliers by pre-defined cargo ready dates
  • “Supplier ratings” according to defined KPIs

Inventory management

  • Stability in the purchasing process and improved delivery reliability
  • Reduction of safety stocks
  • KPIs and supplier ratings allow more accurate planning
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