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Quality Management

Quality is not a goal, but a permanent process

Our quality management system covers all aspects of our business. 

These are our quality principles:

1. Everything revolves around our clients

We want to wow our customers with our products. To achieve this goal, we rely on our corporate values: be passionate, be better, be partner. Personal dedication, a competitive edge and a genuine sense of partnership are our ingredients for success.

2. We demand quality from our suppliers and business partners

Our relationships with our partners, many of whom we have been working with for many years, are founded on mutual trust. By establishing strategic partnerships, we eliminate uncertainties, obtain special rates and improve the overall quality of our transport and logistics service.

3. Quality is something personal, every staff member contributes

We strive to identify, expand and make optimal use of the skills of our employees.

4. Quality requires clearly defined processes and standards

Our employees understand our corporate service processes and rely on these processes to find professional and flexible solutions for our clients.

5. Success requires continuous learning and improvement

We want to keep building on our strengths and promptly correct any weaknesses. We encourage creativity and we believe that continuous learning is the foundation for growth.

6. Quality requires leadership and clear goals

Our executives shape our corporate culture, act as visionaries and carry a special responsibility for corporate results and employee satisfaction.

7. cargo-partner has a social as well as an ecologic responsibility

We strive for constant improvement in the areas of ecologic, economic and social sustainability, as established in our environmental policy.

8. Quality leads to excellent results

cargo-partner reacts quickly and flexibly to the changing requirements and expectations of customers and partners. We use ratios to measure, evaluate and improve our success on a steady basis. 

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