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30 years of cargo-partner – 30 years of „we take it personally“

cargo-partner has been an integral part of the international transport industry for more than three decades. These past 30 years were probably the most dynamic mankind has ever experienced.

The fall of the Iron Curtain, the growth of the European Union, the creation of the EURO and the opening of China have all contributed to fundamental changes in the logistics market.

cargo-partner – how it all began...

cargo-partner started as an airfreight specialist in Vienna. We soon realized that the market was also demanding efficient sea freight solutions, and of course we wanted to offer these as well. 

In 1993, when the Iron Curtain had already fallen, we began our expansion to Bratislava, Prague and Budapest, followed by other major cities in Eastern Europe. When the European Union grew to include more and more Eastern European countries, we started expanding to Germany and Benelux to provide optimal market coverage.

Location, opportunity and a bold look to the future!

cargo-partner always understood Vienna as a turning point for a much greater region than only Eastern Austria or Austria. Our expansion to Eastern Europe was the only logical consequence.

With Poland, one of the largest national economies of the Eastern European states, another important market opened up to us. In addition, we were able to establish ourselves in Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia.

Today, we have achieved our goal of covering the whole area of Eastern Europe outside the Former Soviet Union (FSU) and are one of the top players in the field of overseas transportation by air and sea.

Looking back, we can say that we seized the historically unique opportunity which presented itself in 1989. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and our international network of system partners and experienced native speakers in Vienna, we were one of the “first movers” in Eastern Europe.

Western European standards in Eastern European markets

Despite our status as trailblazers and market leaders in Central and Eastern Europe, finding the right workforce and management was not easy. We decided to develop our own resources by recruiting competent people and training them for top positions, a decision which was rewarded in many ways.

Another challenge we were faced with was the competition from a range of multinational corporations. While others could afford to invest in Eastern Europe with the capital they had earned in other parts of the world, we were forced to live on what we made in the Eastern markets. This meant that we had to adapt our cost to our revenue, rather than investing and letting the business follow. Looking back, this was the best thing that could have happened to us, because it lead us to grow organically. This way, we were able to develop our values and the service quality in all areas of our company continuously and sustainably.

2000 – cargo-partner goes Germany

Given that the German national economy is not only the largest in Europe, but also the soundest among those at the top, gaining a foothold in this country was another significant step in our company history.

2001 – The call of the “Wild West” – Our first establishments in the USA

Our presence in the USA was primarily motivated by a desire to deepen our know-how. Ten years after launching our first office in New York, we opened our branch in Chicago, from which we now handle the majority of our business in the Midwest. For the rest of this vast region, we work with a carefully selected network of reliable partners and agents to achieve optimal coverage and performance.

Asia – Expansion on the continent of the 21st century

“Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.” These words by the Dalai Lama are emblematic of our expansion in Asia. 

Anticipating that the trade between the European and Asian markets would dominate our industry for the next 20 years, we took the first step into the Far East with the opening of our office in Taiwan in 2004. The same year, we launched our first offices in China, followed by India, Thailand and Singapore in 2007 and 2008. Being well-established in Asia is a crucial requirement for economic growth on an international scale, which is why we have been continually expanding our network of branch offices on this continent up to this day, with subsidiaries in South Korea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam. In each country, we strive to embrace the culture and mentality of the people while simultaneously retaining and enforcing our cargo-partner values. 

Today, bilateral trade between Asia and Europe accounts for the majority of international transport demand and generates a considerable volume of triangular shipments as well. More and more transports are decided in Europe and handled between other continents. Most of these originate from production sites in Asia. 

Asia has grown to become one of the most attractive markets worldwide, not only due to its low production costs but also thanks to its enormous economic growth and the rapidly increasing purchasing power of the 4.5 million inhabitants of this part of the world. 

Trends and changes in the forwarding industry

Our range of duties as a forwarder has greatly expanded due to the increasing global interconnectivity of our information society. We are no longer acting merely as an intermediary between carriers and consignees, but have been increasingly taking on responsibility for the flow of information surrounding all transport activities. We have a variety of tools at our disposal which provide state-of-the-art logistics solutions while still leaving plenty of room for responding to the individual needs of our customers. This is what – despite our growth from a small to mid-sized Austrian company to a mid-sized international group – significantly sets us apart from the ‘big players’ in the business. Our flexibility for client-specific solutions, combined with our thorough know-how and superior standards, remains one of the major assets of our company.


Committed to our environment

As a freight forwarder, we are in an extremely competitive but also highly environmentally relevant field of business. We have taken a number of active steps to make an effective contribution to the prevention of global warming.

In the long run, the greatest positive impact can be achieved by technological innovation. Unfortunately, it is customary in our industry to delay research into new technologies, concentrating instead on improving the ones already in place. 

cargo-partner focuses on innovation. Our most remarkable project to date, which we sponsored with a total of 500,000 EUR over the course of 5 years, was the construction of a BWB (blended wing body). This airplane's unique geometry reduces aerodynamic drag, increasing fuel efficiency by an estimated 25%. 

The cargo-partner family says “Thank you”!

In conclusion, we would like to thank all our customers for their confidence. Without them, our success in the past 30 years would not have been possible. We guarantee that we will continue to uphold our principles:

we take it personally,
serving our clients better than others
with passion for excellence!


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